What mom, dad, and the baby need to be healthy:

BELTA Folic Acid

It’s Japan’s No. 1 Folic Acid brand that simply works.

Total Price: ₱3,480

Price: ₱116 / day

Quality, safety,
and efficacy.

See BELTA Folic Acid’s Awards
and Recommendation

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare recommends BELTA Folic Acid to mothers-to-be, couples trying to conceive, and new moms. It’s featured on the government’s Mother & Child Handbook.

Packed with nutrients you need

Women who are planning to get pregnant, moms-to-be, and new moms love BELTA Folic Acid.

Here's why:

Belta Folic Acid is a 4 tablet per day formulation, containing all essential nutrients a woman needs when she’s trying to conceive, pregnant, or breast-feeding.

  • 27 vitamins and minerals
  • 20 kinds of amino acids
  • 20mg iron
  • 250mg calcium
  • 400µg yeast folic acid
  • 23 kinds of vegetables
  • 5 beauty ingredients

Improve your fertility with BELTA Folic Acid

During fertility treatment, women taking BELTA Folic Acid can increase their chances of getting pregnant. Men who take BELTA Folic Acid can boost their sperm count and improve the quality of their sperm.

Men Need BELTA
Folic Acid, too.

Men can boost their sperm count and improve their fertility with BELTA Folic Acid for men. The dose is 2 tablet per day.

Benefits for Pregnant Women

BELTA Folic Acid for Women reduces the risks of birth defects, prevents anemia, and helps the normal, timely delivery of the baby.

Benefits for New Mothers

Doctors advise new moms to keep taking BELTA Folic Acid to improve the quality of breast milk, speed up uterine recovery, and prevent anemia.

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