Look and feel your best with Collagen

Taking Bi-Suppon Collagen supports your skin, hair, nail, and bone health, making you look and feel your very best every day.

Total Price: ₱1,680

Price: ₱18.66/capsule

Benefits of Bi-Suppon Collagen

Our Bi-Suppon Collagen supplement is a 3 (soft) capsule per day formulation, packed with essential nutrients for restoring your youthful glow. It blends potent ingredients like glycine, swallow’s nest, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, pearl, and shark fin that revitalize your skin.

GlycineImproves sleep quality
Swallow’s NestBoosts immune system
Hyaluronic AcidHydrates skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
PearlKeeps skin firm and brightens complexion
Shark FinRelieves swollen joints & enhances skin elasticity

Why Take Bi-Suppon Daily?

As women age, collagen production naturally slows down. Decades of research on how to delay aging resulted to the breakthrough discovery of Bi-Suppon Collagen. Reverse aging with a daily dose of Bi-Suppon.

What’s the main ingredient of Bi-Suppon?

The word “Suppon” means softshell turtle, a traditional delicacy in Japan. Suppon meals and Suppon products are highly valued by Japanese beauty experts for their rich collagen content. See for yourself how Bi-Suppon can do wonders for your beauty and health.

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